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Briefly in English

The Finnish Paralympic Committee is representing the Finnish top athletes with disabilities.

It is responsible for electing and sending the Finnish team to participate in the Paralympic Games. It also spreads information about disability sports, and promotes research and training in this field.

The Finnish Paralympic Committee wishes to raise awareness of the Paralympic Games as an elite sports competition and to broaden our view of elite sports. It also encourages young athletes with disabilities to test their limits in sport and to promote cross-cultural communication between disabled athletes.

The Finnish Paralympic Committee was established in 1994. It promotes clean, fair and ethical elite sports.

The committee works in close cooperation with the Finnish Olympic Committee and it is a member of the International Paralympic Committee (IPC).

Finnish Paralympic Committee
Valimotie 10
00380 Helsinki


Paralympic Games

This elite sports event is held in the same city and the same venues as Olympic Games. In Finland, the Paralympic activities are led by the Finnish Paralympic Committee. The Paralympic Games are governed by the International Paralympic Committee and recognized by the International Olympic Committee.

World-class sport

The Paralympic activities first started after the Second World War and the first official Paralympics were held in Romein 1960. Nowadays, the Paralympics are always held in the same host city and venues and in the same year as Olympic Games.

Originally, it was only physically disabled athletes who took part in the games, but in Torontoin 1976 visually impaired athletes joined in, and in Atlantain 1996 the first competitors with mental disabilities came along. Nowadays physically disabled and visually disabled athletes are competing in the Paralympic Games.

The Paralympics have gone a long way from having a purely social function to being a world-class elite sports competition. Today, the results achieved are world-class, and to succeed in the competition requires full-time training, tremendous persistence and hard work.
Gold and fame

Finland has been one of the most successful countries in the Paralympic Games. In the Winter Games Finland is on the very top and at its best in the Summer Games it was among the 11 top countries.