Children and youth

Sporttiklubi is a national physical activity program for children and youth under 20 years. Joining in Sporttiklubi is free of charge.


In Sporttiklubi one can try different sports, types of physical activity and equipments in clubs, events and camps. For youth are offered an opportunity to experience the sports that are suitable for their disability and to get into active, sport specific training and maybe even to become an athlete.

Competition atmosphere

Junior Games is the place to test one’s limits with other disabled children and youth. Junior Games are held twice a year. In spring youngsters compete in ball sports and in swimming, bowling and blow darts. In autumn the sports are showdown and adapted athletics.

Finding a hobby

Valtti is a youth sports project of the Finnish Paralympic Committee. Its goal is to help children with special needs find a physical hobby. In Valtti-programme a personal adapted physical activity instructor (PAPAI) guides a child or young person with special needs into a suitable hobby. The term ‘Valtti’ is the Finnish equivalent of PAPAI. Read more about Valtti in English here.