Education and training

The Finnish Paralympic Committee offers practical education and training to professionals from different fields, disability sports and adapted physical activity instructors, coaches and trainers. Accessibility and co-operative training are emphasized. The Finnish Paralympic Committee offers versatile and practical courses. The Committee’s education and training networks are vast and international.

Nuori toimija program for disabled youth

Nuori toimija (Young actor) program is built for youth with disability or long term illness. Educational program opens paths to different voluntary activities. Nuori toimija can become a role model or instructor to his or her peers. Nuori toimija program has inspired many young people to go study sports and physical activity and eventually find a job from the field.


Sherborne Developmental Movement (SDM) training is offered for people who are interested in getting new ideas for motor activity training. SDM is an excellent tool for activating persons with severe and multiple disabilities of all ages.

Disability sports workshops

The elementary course of instructing disability sports and adapted physical activity consists of six workshops. Co-operational and practical workshops can be adapted to fit the needs of for example The Finnish Paralympic Committee member associations and clubs or work communities and student groups.

Sport specific education and training

Education and training is arranged in different sports for athletes, coaches, referees and officials. Peer instructors are a priceless resource in the field.